Mentor chatroom

“Im proud to announce that the chatroom is back and limited for good! - 2015 was a extremely successful year for me and the stocktrapping family but alone it became to much member volume to handle so I shut it down temporarily. Every penny NOT spent on investing in yourself (after basic needs of course) may be a wasted future opportunity from missing learns and connects.”


* This is again aside from my Stockmarket course one of the most affordable risk worth chatroom on the internet. Proceeds here are not for charity but mainly for my time, selflessness, efforts and integrity to deliver the best of my abilities as a elite trader & investor - complete satisfaction to become as profitable as they can be not as individuals but as a family chain of helping hands. I know I make calls look so easy but on average I spend 10+ hours a day peeling my eyes sometimes on one - five single charts to make the biggest next move.

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Whats involved?


  • Pattern Risk Management

  • Receive my personal opinion and mentorship guidance on how or when to specifically enter trades.

  • Realtime beforehand prediction calls to buy ahead and how long Im holding my position.

  • Be able to wake up each morning with timed commentary pinned messages explaining my current watch lists & outlook.

  • Scalp Patterns that you can profit from within ANY massive pump or dump, like an elite trader with confidence

  • Receive REALTIME guidance through pinned room messages before market open for the Day/Week/Month/Year.

  • You will know how and where I predict next major support or resistance within any time frame beforehand.

  • I will analyze any personal positions that you may currently hold In your portfolio to maximize profits and minimize risks.

  • Receive spot on price point predictions for Any stock movement and the time frame for swing positions.

Room rules

Stock chat abbreviations
a/n — afternoon
b/o – breakout
o/n – overnight
pre or p/m – premarket trading
a/h – after-hours trading
eod – end of day
e/r – earnings release
r/r – risk vs. reward
l/f – low float stock (very few shares outstanding, generally under 10 million, so these stocks can move a lot on low volume)
ss – short sell
l2 – level 2 stock quotes
hod – high of the day (not including pre-market data)
nhod – new high of the day (used when a stock has broken above a previous high)
52s – 52-week highs
lod – Low of the day (not including pre-market data)
nlod – new low of the day (used when a stock has broken below a previous low)
sup – support
res – resistance
red – a stock that is below its previous day’s close
green – a stock that is above its previous day’s close
r/g – a stock going from red to green
g/r – a stock going from green to red
perking up – stock is starting to move up a little off of consolidation
ph – power hour, the last hour of trading (3pm to 4pm Eastern)
mm – market maker
cp – Centerpoint Securities
ib – Interactive Brokers
tda – TDAmeritrade (They own the Thinkorswim trading platform)

tos – Thinkorswim

das – DAS Trading Software

Common chat abbreviations

afk – Away from keyboard
idk – I don’t know
iirc – If I remember correctly
imho / imo – In my (humble) opinion
ttyl – Talk to you later
bbl – Be back later
lol – Laughing out loud
pm – Private message
tia – Thanks in advance
ty – Thank you
yw – You’re welcome

genuine feedback

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Auto Updates 24 Hours

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